The Story of our Progress

Since its establishment in 2005, the office has taken upon itself a commitment to applying the best professional practices, and we are proud to see ourselves at the forefront of the best offices specialized in corporate, contracts, arbitration and legal consultancies in general in the Sultanate of Oman, as we provide a range of distinguished legal services according to the legal needs of our clients.

Our office has developed and diversified its services and expertise to keep pace with the modern needs of its clients. MJLO provides legal consultancies to many leading names in business and major economic projects in the Sultanate, the Gulf region and internationally in various fields including foreign investment, corporate commercial transactions, arbitration, Islamic banking and finance, strategic business consultancy, mergers and acquisitions processes, common domestic and International projects, Intellectual Property Law, commercial litigation, and dispute settlements.

MJLO has earned national and international acclaim for its success in representing its clients before legal institutions and government agencies, by maintaining a high professional level in the performance of its legal work.

MJLO focuses precisely on meeting the professional needs of its clients to achieve their goals in completing the work at the required speed while maintaining a high level of performance at the lowest costs, through a homogeneous, highly qualified and professional team of lawyers and legal advisors with an outstanding ability to find satisfactory legal solutions that can achieve the objectives of its clients and protect their interests.


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